I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminshes fear.
-- Rosa Parks


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DEEP lyrics & he shreds it (as usual).
1969 wasn’t ready.

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So I’m at work & we got new machines tht have these warning signs. They make me laugh tho!!! lol (at AUS FastPark & Relax)

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What makes you Black?

Melanin. The SUN. :)

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The 1st trinity was the SUN in its 3 phases. Kephra, Ra, and Autum. MAAT, the law of the Universe (DARK BLACK beauty). Praises 2 the BLACK!!

Judging people by the amount of their possessions is a european way of Thinking. ((The Princess & the Frog is some racist shit)).

Google the word: DRAPETOMANIA

is on relax mode with BLACK ATHENA (The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization: Vol. 1) on my lap. ♡ … . brain food.

It ain’t about your looks, its about the Books. It ain’t about your behind, its about your Afrikan Mind. ((wake the fuck up))

The war over there is preparation for war over here. Google: Martial Law. ((Classified?)) Watev.

"Natural Beauty is the enemy of the beauty shop"

drinks Rice Milk. Regularly. It’s delicious. :)

is doing some research. A bill was passed to keep Blacks uneducated.

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